Home is… a lot of things.

It’s where the heart is. It’s where you hang your hat. Home is that place where, when you arrive there, people have to take you in. It is a place of peace and belonging; far more than a crude shelter of brick and mortar. For me, home is family and friends, faith and service…

For me, home is Christ’s Holy Church.

This site is a collection of musings on faith, ministry, and culture as a United Methodist minister. The life of the United Methodist minister is characterized by motion. Our hearts are moved by the Holy Spirit as we seek spiritual revival. Our faith is moved through worship and service to our community. Our families are moved through the itinerant appointment system. In all of this movement, we seek to (re)define what exactly we mean by “home.” Perhaps home is not so much a place, but a way of abiding.

So join with me on this journey as I seek to (re)discover what home is in this ministry of motion.

— Rev. Todd M. Lovell