The Gift That Multiplies: A Children’s Poem

This is a children’s poem that I wrote and performed during our 8:30 worship service.

THE GIFT THAT MULTIPLIES: a reflection on the feeding of the five thousand

The boy woke up early on this particular day

To head to the hills, O what would he say?

Say? Yes that man, the Messiah they claimed

The one who healed the sick, I think Jesus is his name.

The boy grabbed a quick lunch,

His mother hadn’t fixed much,

Just five loaves and two fish for the day.

No matter the meal,

He had plenty still,

Plenty to sustain a long stay.

So out like a shot the boy ran for the hills,

As the crowd began to gather around.

That man, Jesus, looked tired, but his compassion fired,

For the throng of people he found.

Then Jesus began speaking

And the crowd’s hearts began leaping

As his Word began to astound.

The boy sat quietly and listened intently,

Until his belly started to rumble.

He had an ache in his neck so he got up to stretch,

And he heard Jesus’ disciples grumble.

“Lord send the crowd away” his disciples bemoaned.

“There’s too many, they’ll never be fed.”

But how Jesus responded turned their faces to stone,

“Why don’t you feed them?” he said.

“Feed them with what? There’s nothing here!

And the nearest town’s ten miles away!”

“No matter,” said Jesus. “Gather what you can.”

And the disciples headed my way.

“Five Loaves and Two Fishes is all I have,”

I told a disciple, I knew not his name.

I hadn’t eaten them yet, though I was hungry, you bet,

But not to share them would sure be a shame.

Jesus took what I offered, and nodded to me,

Then He blessed and He broke and He gave,

Then the disciples began serving, and the crowd began eating,

Twelve baskets left over to save.

“A Miracle!” I thought, “the first one I’d ever seen!”

But I hear that this wasn’t Jesus’ last,

You see his greatest miracle was to conquer the grave,

Saving sinner, the sick, and the outcast.

“So what?” You might say. “So what’s the big deal?”

Well, listen closely and I’ll tell you the lesson.

You see, Jesus didn’t just come to give us a meal.

He is the Fisher of Men and the Bread of Heaven.

So I ask you this question, it’s all that I’ll ask,

Now think seriously about this today.

If Jesus came to you and asked for your life,

What do you think you would say?

I hope you’d say, “Yes, Jesus, take all I have,

And to your world, give me away.

Because we are your people, please teach us to give.”

And now together let us pray.


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