Academic research continues to be a vibrant tool for exploring my call to ordained ministry. Below are a number of articles/papers that have helped me articulate my vision of ministry.

  • :: The Primal Connection: In Search of the Common Chorus of Christian Worship ::
    This paper compares and contrasts my experience at a modern African American worship service with that of Patristic worship in sixth-century Constantinople, ultimately suggesting that African American worship shares a closer “primal” connection with ancient forms of Christian worship than post-Enlightenment European worship. 
    Todd Lovell – The Primal Connection

  • :: Dinner at the Doorstep: The Theological Implications of the Open Table ::
    Through an analysis of early Christian sources and early accounts of American Methodism, this paper proposes that the current United Methodist practice of the Open Table, while often said to be a picture of Christ’s hospitality, is actually a crude and unfaithful facsimile of Christ’s invitation to the baptismal life. 
    Todd Lovell – Dinner at the Doorstep

  • :: Worship as We Go: The Doxological Imperative in Christian Evangelism ::
    Many Christian scholars and ministers struggle to develop a focused theology of evangelism. This paper describes my own theology of evangelism as guided and motivated by the mysterious encounters of Christian worship. 
    Todd Lovell – The Doxological Imperative

  • :: Shaping the Silence: The Rehabilitative Potential of Christian Liturgy for Returning Combat Veterans ::
    The Christian church has a rich history of ministering to returning combat veterans through addressing the realities of war in a liturgical environment. What can the modern church learn from this tradition so that the experiences of returning combat veterans are neither glorified or nullified, but rather dealt with in a faithful and beneficial manner?Todd Lovell – Shaping the Silence

  • :: A Working Theology of Marriage ::
    In this paper, I use Karl Barth’s theology of human interaction as a framework for developing my own theology of marriage.
    Todd Lovell – A Working Theology of Marriage

  • :: The Distinctive Heritage of United Methodists ::
    I offer a brief reflection on the location of United Methodist beliefs and practices in the wide story of Christian tradition. 
    Todd Lovell – The Distinctive Heritage

  • :: The Form and Function of the Local Church in the United Methodist Connection ::
    My reflection on the form and function of the local church’s ministry within the United Methodist connectional system.
    Todd Lovell – Form and Function of the Local Church

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